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MatrixSea's new website updates complete.
MatrixSea enters into alliances with IBM, SUN, CISCO

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MatrixSea LLC is a fast-growing consultancy and software development company. We provide high-end systems and business solutions for complex businesses utilizing current technologies and expert professionals in software and turnkey project development. MatrixSea was founded in 2003 based on the principle of Highest Quality, Strongest Reliability, Lowest Cost and Complete Customer Satisfaction.

Our company's primary technological focus is in the area of open systems, relational databases, distributed processing,object oriented windowing technologies, SAP, Process Control Automation for metals and other industries.

Our consulting services involve the comprehensive review and analysis of selected aspects of our client's business by a team of sophisticated systems experts on a project management basis. Typically our company is staffed to complete an engagement.

Our people are experts in their field. Professionals who have gained their experience in their subject, gained over many years with companies of all sizes.

Our team of experienced consultants have been able to assist clients while minimizing the risk and maximizing system performance.

We are totally committed and dedicated to the clients we serve and offer 24/7 support where needed. We value long term relationships and offer the highest quality and lowest costs to the customers.

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